This paper proposes a method for  constructing hedge algebraic type-2 fuzzy logic system (HaT2-FLS) from input-output data. This method consists of two main phases. In the first phase, the type-1 fuzzy logic system (T1-FLS) in designed under the combination of Fuzzy C-Means algorithm and training data. Then we construct HaT2-FLS on the basis of the above T1-FLS in the second phase. The rule base in T1-FLS in the foundation on which the rule base in HaT2-FLS is created. The difference now is that the antecedent and consequent sets are Hedge Algebraic Type-2 Fuzzy Sets (HaT2FSs). Experiments show the effectiveness of the method.

For the full publication, please download the file here: nafips_2016_phong.pdf