Function and missions

A. Function

The Department of Information Technology has the function as to train undergraduate and graduate students; to give short IT courses; to conduct IT research and to transfer technology related to IT and computer science.

B. Missions

1. To train IT human resources at the undergraduate level with good ethic quality, specialized capacity through all form of training such as full-time, part-time and transferred students including IT for teaching, computer science, IT engineering, applied mathematics; and at the graduate level (master).

2. To teach general informatics to all non-informatics majored students at Vinh University including graduate, undergraduate, secondary school and pedagogical practice school students.

3. To train IT short courses and issue IT certificates to staff and students.

4. To conduct IT research and to transfer technology related to computer science, informatics, IT and mathematical assurance for the computer.

5. To cooperate with other universities, research institutes, IT companies to train human resources according to the society’s demands.

6. To hold continuous education and foreign language training for staff to improve their qualification.

7. To organize ideological training to all staff and students at the Department.

8. To assume other assignments by the president of Vinh University.