The minister of Education and Training made decision on the establishment of Information Technology Department (ITD) at Vinh University. The first mission is to train IT’s teachers to secondary schools and general informatics to all non-informatics majored students at Vinh University. The ITD also implements IT research and application. The ITD currently trains three majors: IT engineers, bachelors of computer science, bachelor of IT for teaching.

Through 15 years of foundation and development, the ITD has trained thousands of bachelors and engineers, which has demonstrated its importance to the development of the University and society. The ITD has trained 15 courses at undergraduate level with more than 3,000 graduates who are working for different institutions and authorities in Vietnam.

In parallel with training activity, the ITD carries out relevant research in response to IT training and application promotion. Many research projects have been conducted and contributed to strengthening IT application to the University and social life in Nghe An and Ha Tinh provinces. The ITD has organized several seminars; published course books, lectures, reference documents, research works on international and national science journals.

In terms of personnel reinforcement, the ITD sent 9 lecturers to different countries to study at higher level such as Arizona University (USA), Saga University (Japan), Heidelberg University (Germany) in the framework of Higher Education Project, Phase 2, in order to develop curriculum for master degree, PhD studies and advanced IT engineering at Vinh University. Five lecturers successfully defended their PhD dissertation abroad and came back to work for the ITD.

Historical background:

- 1990: IT major was added under the management of Mathematics Department with five faculty members.

- 1993: IT major was set up under the management of the University.

- 1998: IT Department was established (the first IT department at a teacher training college in Vietnam).

- 2003: Celebration of 5 years of foundation with 28 faculty members and 1,327 students.

- 2008: Celebration of 10 years of foundation with 36 faculty members and 1,864 students.

- 2013: Celebration of 15 years of foundation with 28 faculty members and 1,021 students.